career clarity session

Are you seeking increased confidence in your career choices?

Adam Sadd, Coaching Psychologist

Hi, my name is Adam Sadd and I am an experienced Coaching Psychologist. My unique blend of skills working in corporate and organisational settings, human resources, recruitment, and leadership roles make me well placed to support you on your pathway to career clarity.

In my Career Coaching work, I hear that people are seeking:

  • Clarity about a pathway forward
  • Greater confidence in their decision making
  • To feel empowered to take steps towards their dream job

As an experienced Career Coach, I understand that it’s common to feel:

  • Stuck or trapped in your role
  • Lost or confused about the way forward
  • Overwhelmed or anxious about your decision
The Career Clarity Session has been specifically designed for those who are feeling trapped, confused or overwhelmed by their career choices

Achieve Career Clarity

The Career Clarity Session may be helpful for those who are:

  • Re-entering the workforce
  • Recently made redundant from work
  • Changing roles due to illness or injury
  • Seeking to take the next step in their current career
  • Looking at a career pivot into a different role or industry
  • Experiencing general dissatisfaction with their current career trajectory
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A Values-Based Approach

I am passionate about supporting people to find roles which are closely aligned with their values and strengths. I genuinely believe (and research shows), that people perform at their best when the role they do is closely aligned with their values and strengths.

As part of your Career Clarity Session you will be supported to discover your unique strengths and values. This knowledge provides the foundation and acts like a compass, directing you towards preferred career options.

Individually Tailored Coaching

Why not start your Career Coaching journey with the Career Clarity Session? A Career Clarity Session includes the following:

  • 2 hour session with a professional Coaching Psychologist
  • Available via video meeting or face to face
  • Based on the principles of positive psychology
  • Pre-session activities to identify your unique strengths and values
  • Support to explore suitable career options
  • Support to develop an individually tailored plan
  • Workbook for you to capture your key actions
  • Written summary of recommendations and actions

need more info?

If you would like more information about this service please book a 15 minute discovery to discuss your specific needs.