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Are you seeking support to choose a career pathway and develop a career plan?

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Hi, I’m Adam Sadd, Coaching Psychologist. I offer professional Career Coaching services in Brisbane City and have experience supporting people with career development. The coaching services I provide are individually tailored, and evidence-based to suit your specific needs. My role as a Coaching Psychologist is to acts as a facilitator or guide, helping you to clarify and map out your career journey. Career coaching may be suitable for people who are:

  • Seeking to re-enter the workforce
  • Seeking to take the next step in their current career
  • Looking at a career pivot into a different role or industry
  • Experiencing general dissatisfaction with their current career trajectory

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Professional Career Coaching service in Brisbane City may be helpful in the following ways:

  • Increased sense of confidence and clarity
  • Exploring your unique strengths and values
  • Understanding of your transferable skills
  • Developing an individually tailored career plan
  • Creating performance enhancing goals
  • Access to assessments and learning modules
  • Learning new skills to support you in your career journey
  • Supporting you to overcome challenges and maintain momentum

Your roadmap to career change

Comprehensive Video Training and Guideline for Mid-Career Professionals seeking a career change.

Career Coaching FAQ’s

The primary aim of therapy is to help relieve people of psychological suffering or pain. As such, therapy typically focuses on healing and recovery. On the other hand, the primary aim of coaching is to support people to thrive or excel in their lives. Coaching therefore tends to focus on supporting people to achieve higher levels of performance.

If you would like to read more about the differences between therapy and coaching, you may find our blog article Coaching or Therapy? helpful.

In Australia, the title of “coach” is unregulated. That is, anyone is able to call themselves a coach without requiring any base level of training or qualifications. As such, skill level and quality of coaches can vary considerably. In contrast, Psychologists require a minimum of 6 years training in order to use the title of Psychologist. Psychologists are seen as experts in human motivation, behaviour, thoughts and change. As the discipline of Psychology is regulated and a science based discipline, the strategies and techniques employed in the field must be evidence-based. This makes Psychologists ideally suited to be effective coaches.

At Uplift Psychology, our Coaching Psychologist has over 15 years experience working as a Coach, Psychologist, Leader, and Mentor. Our professional Career Coaching service in Brisbane City may help you in the following ways:

  • Developing a structured career plan
  • Supporting you to remain accountable and on track
  • Achieve clarity about your goals through asking questions designed to illicit insight
  • Assisting you to set performance enhancing goals
  • Providing you with feedback about your readiness to change careers
  • Access to tailored assessments and learning modules to enhance your career journey
  • Coaching you to learn new skills which will support you in your career journey

As part of our Career Coaching service we support people through the following steps when considering a career change:

  1. Consider your values
  2. Assess your transferrable skills
  3. Develop a list of opions
  4. Consider the pros and cons
  5. Undertake a gap analysis
  6. Develop SMART goals (i.e. goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely)
  7. Work consistently towards your goals

If you would like to read more about each of these steps, you may find our blog article 7 Steps to Career Change helpful.

At Uplift Psychology, we have experience supporting people at all stages of their career journey. This includes those who are:

  • Looking to take the next step in their current career
  • Seeking to take on their first leadership role
  • Aiming to pivot into a different role or industry
  • Experiencing general dissatisfaction with their current role
  • Ill or injure and required to change careers (including those who may be close to retirement)
  • Retired and have decided to re-enter the workforce

While there is some overlap between the a career coach and a mentor, a career coach acts more as a facilitator in the coaching process. A good coach aims to ask questions designed to elicit insight which helps the person being coached to come to their own conclusions or form their own solutions to their career challenges. A mentor, on the other hand tends to provide specific advice and wisdom to the person they are mentoring based on their own areas of expertise.

I do not currently offer business coaching. Companies such as Avoda Business Advisory may be able to support you with this.