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Are you seeking peak performance during job interviews?

Interview coaching in brisbane

Hi, I’m Adam Sadd, Coaching Psychologist. I offer professional Interview Coaching services in Brisbane City and have experience supporting people with preparing for interviews. The coaching services I provide are individually tailored, and evidence-based to suit your specific needs. The role of a Coaching Psychologist is to act as a facilitator or guide, supporting you to achieve optimal performance in interviews.

Interview coaching may be suitable for people who experience:

  • Decreased confidence in interviews
  • Sub-optimal performance during interviews as a result of heightened stress
  • Negative mindsets which hinder performance
  • Avoidance of job interviews or the entire job application process due to anxiety about the interview process

A Skills-Based Approach

In my Coaching work, I often employ a skills-based approach to help people improve their performance at interviews. A skills-based approach means we learn by doing. The professional interview coaching service in Brisbane City may be helpful in the following ways:

  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased confidence
  • Interview simulation
  • Opportunities to practice interview skills
  • Strategies to manage stress before and during an interview
  • Adopting a performance-based mindset
  • Personalised feedback about your interview skills

Individually Tailored Coaching

  • Sessions with a professional Coaching Psychologist
  • Available via video meeting or face to face
  • Practical and skills-based approach to learning
  • Pre-session activities to identify your specific needs and goals
  • Support to develop an individually tailored plan
  • Workbook for you to capture your key actions
  • Individually tailored resources to support your learning


If you would like more information about this service, please book a 15 minute discovery call to discuss your specific needs.

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