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Hi, my name is Adam Sadd and I am an experienced Coaching Psychologist. My unique blend of skills working in corporate and organisational settings, human resources, recruitment, and leadership roles make me well placed to support you on your pathway to peak professional performance.

In my Coaching work, I hear that people are seeking:

  • A sounding board for their ideas
  • Support to remain motivated and accountable
  • A way to focus their effort and remain on track
  • Increased confidence in their decisions
  • Freedom from negative emotions and mindsets
High Performing Coaching sessions are ideal for those who are seeking a boost to their career performance

Early career professionals

Transitioning from university into the workplace can be an exciting time. Equally, this period can include many unique challenges that early career professionals may find challenging to navigate. Afterall, university often doesn’t teach us all of the skills required to successfully navigate our careers. It’s common for early career professionals to experience confusion about their career path, or to find they lack some of the professional or interpersonal skills they need to navigate the workplace effectively. Those in their early career may be seeking to set themselves up well for their future or seeking clarity about their future career path. Below are some common topics covered in coaching with early career professionals:

  • Acting with confidence
  • Communicating assertively
  • Setting professional boundaries.
  • Support to navigate workplace personalities and dynamics
  • Clarity and direction regarding their future career

Mid-career professionals

Those around the middle of their professional lives, have often developed a range of skills to help them succeed in their careers. At this point in their careers, mid-career professionals may find they need to strengthen some of the skills they already have in order to further their careers. They may also find themselves stepping into leadership or management roles which require a different set of skills altogether. Others find the career journey they initially embarked on is no longer providing them with a sense of meaning and purpose and need support to make a shift into a different role or industry. Some workplaces provide a lot of support to strengthen existing skills or develop the new skills required of leaders and managers. For others, they may need to seek external support to cultivate these skills. Below are some topics that mid-career professionals typically find helpful to discuss in coaching: 

  • Networking
  • Presentation skills
  • Managing challenging conversations
  • Change management
  • Decision making
  • Motivation
  • Support to navigate a career pivot

Senior leaders, executives, partners, and business owners

Senior professionals and business owners already have a strong set of skills to help them navigate most challenges the workplace can throw at them. As with early career stages, working in these more senior roles or owning your own business can bring a whole range of new challenges. From the inherent complexity and busyness of working in senior roles, to the feelings of isolation that often come with being at the top or running your own business, professional development continues even at these senior levels. Senior professionals are often seeking to elevate their existing skills, or a sounding board to help gain clarity about their path forward.

Professionals at these levels have a strong focus on achieving peak professional performance. Senior professionals may find the following topics helpful for discussion during coaching:

  • Presence
  • Confidence
  • Persuasion
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Accountability
  • Sounding board for their ideas
  • Self-awareness
  • Unlocking potential

your session includes

Your High Performance Coaching session is curated based on your specific coaching needs and based on the principles of positive psychology. Positive psychology focuses on growth and strengths. The goal of positive psychology is to support people to live meaningful and engaged lives, and to become the very best versions of themselves. A High Performance Coaching session includes:

  • Pre-session activity to understand your needs and goals
  • 50-minute session with a professional Coaching Psychologist
  • Available via video meeting or face to face
  • Sessions are based on cutting-edge coaching science
  • Based on the principles of positive psychology
  • Access to individually tailored learning resources


If you would like more information about this service please book a 15 minute discovery call so I can learn more about your specific needs.

Your roadmap to career change

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