Performance Series

Are you seeking peak professional performance?

Peak Professional Performance

Hi, my name is Adam Sadd and I am an experienced Coaching Psychologist. My unique blend of skills working in corporate and organisational settings, human resources, recruitment, and leadership roles make me well placed to support you on your pathway to peak professional performance.

The performance series consists of a series of high performance coaching sessions. Sessions are based on the principles of positive psychology and individually tailored to suit your specific professional goals. In my Coaching work, I hear that people are seeking:

  • To unlock their full potential at work
  • Support to remain focused and on track
  • To be the best version of themselves at work
  • To develop, strengthen and elevate their professional skills
  • Greater resilience at work
The Performance Series has been designed to help you unlock your full potential

What to expect

The Performance Series may be helpful for those who are seeking to unlock their full potential at work. The performance series may be helpful for the following career stages:

  • Early career professionals who are looking to develop their professional toolkit and want to set themselves up for future success in the workplace.
  • Mid-career professionals who are new or aspiring leaders and want to cultivate or strengthen existing skills required for this career stage.
  • Senior professionals or business owners who are seeking enhanced skills to navigate the complexities and feelings of isolation which come with working at senior levels or running your own business, and those who aspire to elevate their professional skills to new heights. 


Why not start your Coaching journey with the Performance Series? The Performance Series consists of a series of high performance coaching sessions based on the principles of positive psychology. These sessions aim to support you to cultivate a high performance mindset. The specific number of sessions and topics covered are individually tailored to suit your specific budget, goals and needs. Example programs are included below:

Early Career Starter Kit

Session 1 – Uncover your career strengths and values
Session 2 – Acting with confidence at work
Session 3 – Assertive communication
Session 4 – Resilience
Session 5 – Future planning

Growing Leaders Program

Session 1 – Uncover your strengths and values as a leader
Session 2 – Cultivating a growth mindset
Session 3 – Managing challenging conversations
Session 4 – Coaching and developing your team
Session 5 – Setting performance enhancing goals for you and your team
Session 6 – Future planning

Elevate to new heights

Session 1 – Setting the scene
Session 2 – Leadership style and self-awareness
Session 3 – Building your support team
Session 4 – Communicating with influence
Session 5 – Creating high performing teams
Session 6 – Managing complexity
Session 7 – Resilience for busy people
Session 8 – Future planning

What You get

  • Access to an experienced Coach
  • An individually tailored coaching program
  • Subscription to the online coaching platform, Quenza
  • Access to individually tailored learning modules
  • Written summaries of recommendations and actions

more info and pricing

To learn more about this service, book a 15 minute consult so I can learn more about your specific needs and create a performance series that’s right for you.