Employee assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

What is Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Why choose Uplift Psychology?

Uplift Psychology was founded out of a desire to provide people with a workplace-focused psychology service. The services I provide are:

  • Personalised: Every individual is unique. Your counselling or coaching will be tailor-made to align with your specific challenges and goals.
  • Warm and Accessible: My approach is friendly, relaxed, and inclusive. Let’s walk this journey together, forming a results-driven partnership.
  • Goal-Oriented: Seeking tangible outcomes? I focus on actionable steps to ensure you experience meaningful growth and results.

My passion is to empower individuals to rise above challenges and achieve their best. My blend of therapeutic techniques, combined with coaching, ensures your team receives support tailored to their specific needs.

Pay as you go

Pay for the service as you use it. There are no retainers, lock in contracts or minimum spend required. This service may be suitable for small to medium sized businesses who don’t have a dedicated EAP provider and are not looking to enter into long-term contracts or pay for upfront retainers. You pay for the EAP service you need, as your team needs it.

What support can I provide?

If someone in your team needs support to return to good mental health, my individually tailored counselling sessions may help. I have experience supporting busy working professionals from a range of different industries. I have experience working with people to manage a range of different mental health issues such as:

Sessions can be provided face to face, online or over the phone.

Benefits of providing an EAP

When used in conjunction with a range of wellbeing measures, an EAP service may provide the following benefits to the workplace and it’s employees:

  • Increased productivity, 
  • Enhanced engagement and life satisfaction,
  • Reduced absenteeism and workplace distress.
  • Improved emotional health and relationships

Consultations are billed at $218 + GST per 50 minute session. 

Invoices are de-identified to help protect your employees privacy and are payable either in advance of the service being provided or within 7 days of receipt, whichever occurs sooner.

A 100% cancellation fee applies where less than 48 hours notice is provided

This is completely up to you. Employers typically agree to fund between 3 and 6 sessions as part of their EAP service.

The EAP service is confidential. Some limited information may need to be shared for billing or invoicing purposes. However, updates from the sessions cannot be provided to the employer without the express consent of the employee.

Uplift Psychology is not a crisis service. If you have an employee who requires crisis support, referral to another service may be more appropriate.

Career and interview coaching services may be suitable for employees experiencing redundancy. Please schedule a 15 minute discovery call to discuss your specific needs.


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