Meet Adam – Registered Psychologist

Hi, I’m Adam Sadd, Founder and Principal Psychologist at Uplift Psychology. I am a Registered Psychologist with experience as a Psychologist, Coach, Human Resources Professional and as a Leader. Throughout my career, it has been my passion to support people to perform their best in both their personal and professional lives.

During my undergraduate degree, I became interested in the field of positive psychology after completing an elective on the subject. The field of positive psychology is focused on strengths, growth and performance. When integrated with other therapeutic techniques, positive psychology can be helpful for those who are experiencing mental health challenges. It can also be useful for those who are seeking to excel in their lives or wanting to perform at higher levels.

I founded Uplift Psychology out of a desire to provide people with a workplace-focused psychology service. My aim is to cater for both those experiencing mental health challenges, and those seeking to perform at higher levels. So whether you are stressed, overwhelmed and not coping; or, you are aiming to thrive and perform at your best, I am here to help. At Uplift Psychology, I offer both counselling and coaching services so I can meet you wherever you are on your mental health journey. 

Whilst counselling and coaching share some similarities in terms of some of the techniques employed, they also have distinct differences. Therapy is primarily focused on relieving individuals from psychological suffering or pain. Those who need counselling are typically experiencing reduced levels of functioning and the main goal is healing and recovery. Coaching tends to be more future focused and is aimed at helping individuals to thrive and excel in their lives. People who seek coaching are typically functioning well and seeking to enhance their performance in some way.