Meet Adam

Introducing Adam sadd

Here’s a summary of my qualifications and experience:

  • AHPRA Registered Psychologist with 5+ years experience
  • Completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honours at USQ
  • 15+ years of combined experience working as a Psychologist, Coach, Human Resources Professional and in leadership roles
  • Experience supporting people to manage their mental health
  • Supporting people with psychological illness and injury to return to work
  • Background working in corporate and organisational settings
  • Associate member of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Membership with Australian Association of Psychologists Incorporated

My clients tell me…

In my counselling work, I hear that my clients are seeking:

  • Practical tools and techniques
  • Support with their mental health, both at home and at work
  • Improvement in their mood
  • Better techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Freedom from negative mindsets

In short, they are after practical tools and techniques to help them to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

How I prefer to work with my clients…

The approach I take in my counselling work is:

  • Caring and supportive
  • Practical and solutions focused
  • Current and future focused – we touch on past issues where it may be helpful to gain insight into your current challenges
  • Focused around your goals for therapy – that way we both know what we are working towards
  • Based on the latest scientific research

I prefer to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in my work with clients. ACT is an experiential (which means you learn by doing) and skills-based therapy. My aim is to help you complete counselling with new skills to navigate life’s challenges.

Supporting busy working professionals

If you need support to return to good mental health, I am here to help. I have supported busy working professionals from a range of different industries and experience supporting them to manage a range of mental health issues such as:

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