senior professionals

Senior professionals

For people navigating the senior years of their career, your journey has probably consisted of both achievements and challenges. With experience comes wisdom, but this stage of career isn’t without its unique set of complexities. While the drive to succeed has brought you to the upper levels of your profession, the inherent pressures and demands that come with such roles can be overwhelming.

Long-standing psychological challenges might feel like an anchor, holding you back and leading to mounting frustrations. These challenges can also be coupled with changing intimate relationships and children leaving the nest. The inevitable ageing of parents introduces another dimension and more demands on your time.

As you navigate senior roles, the strategies you utlised during the earlier stages of your career may now feel obsolete. There are often heightened complexities and intensified pressures of managing both professional and personal responsibilities. Managing immense time pressures and juggling between work and home expectations, means self-care often takes a back seat.

It’s not uncommon to experience feelings of being burdened and burnt out, despite the facade of having everything under control. The ticking clock, coupled with career or life dissatisfaction, can create a mix of emotions.

During this life stage often also comes a desire for tangible outcomes and change, seeking clarity, well-defined paths, and insights that can untangle behaviours and emotions. While you might have theories or perspectives about the present challenges, there’s often a yearning for expert guidance, and a voice that understands the unique challenges presented by this life stage.

I offer a fresh, warm, and approachable perspective to counselling and coaching, armed with a practical, goal-centric approach. I understand the nuances of the advanced career stage, and my aim is to collaboratively explore strategies, insights, and paths that align with your aspirations. Together, we can chart a course that balances the demands of your senior role with the joys and challenges of personal life.

It’s also important to find a psychologist who is right for you, and you feel you can connect with. I offer free 15 minute online consultations, giving us an opportunity to meet, and see if we’re the right fit for each other before you decide to book an appointment.