young Professionals

Young Professionals

Transitioning from university to the workplace can feel like a seismic shift. This often comes with a unique set of challenges and emotions, and as a Brisbane Psychologist providing counselling and coaching, I am passionate about guiding you through this transformative phase.

Many young professionals find that the issues they encountered during their university days don’t simply vanish upon joining the workforce. Instead, they can manifest in new ways, sometimes coming to a head with new workplace pressures, difficult managers, and complex team dynamics.  Challenging cultures and difficult managers can make you second-guess yourself and erode your confidence.

At times, it might feel like you’ve reached a crunch point, requiring more immediate assistance. For others, it might be more of a proactive decision to address long-standing issues to then steer your personal and professional life in a more positive direction.

Delving deeper, you may be struggling with feelings of anxiety, low mood, and feeling confused about your career’s direction. The workplace has endless niches and specialisations, and finding one that’s right for you can be overwhelming.

The desire to confidently navigate the workplace and manage stress, set firm boundaries, and have assertive conversations is paramount. More than just surviving, it’s about thriving – managing emotions effectively, setting a robust foundation for long-term career growth, and above all, finding genuine satisfaction in what you do.

I offer a fresh, warm, and approachable style to counselling, tailored to your unique situation and needs. With an emphasis on practical and goal-oriented solutions, I aim to provide the support and guidance you need at this stage of your career. Remember, your challenges aren’t insurmountable, and with the right support, you can create a career path that aligns with your aspirations and values.

It’s also important to find a psychologist who is right for you, and you feel you can connect with. I offer free 15 minute online consultations, giving us an opportunity to meet, and see if we’re the right fit for each other before you decide to book an appointment.